Ep 387 – Zach and Friends P2: The Gospel According to Josh

Written by on July 23, 2017

Glenn, Bob, and Matt continue their virtual conversation with Zach, Josh, Natalie, and Nano.

  1. Peter North Salt Lake   On   July 24, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    In professional sports, there is often the idea of an athlete wanting to be paid for past performance. They used to be good and then sign a big contract that reflects what they used to be, rather than their future performance. Smart GM’s like the ones in “Moneyball” learned to not fall into this trap.
    Sadly, that’s where IoT is with their Patreon, ads, and requests for money. The podcast is well past its prime. They are admittedly not as passionate as before. Posting is inconsistent, and most the good topics have been covered. The recent Game of Thrones episode was nothing more than two guys talking about which TV shows they like. It’s also why the politics episodes fall flat: simply. there are other people that are better to listen to covering politics.
    IoT had the success it did because they covered Moronism in a way that no one else did. John Larsen met a similar fate when trying to do a general podcast on life and philosophy, thinking that people would want to hear his take on everything, because it was him they loved.
    Don’t get me wrong, I will be supporting Infants on Thrones financially. But it will be payment for past performance, because over the years, they gave me hours of entertainment. But it won’t be a reflection of the current product, which is tired, inconsistent, and attempting to outsource all the creative output. The days of Brother Jake, Boyd Packer impressions, and rushing to hear the latest infants episodes are as far in the rearview mirror as a Derrick Rose MVP season.

    • Glenn   On   July 24, 2017 at 8:35 pm

      Don’t get you wrong? Dude… don’t support us for past glory. We didn’t ask for it then and we aren’t asking for it now. Only support us if you find value in what we are doing now and if you want to see that continue. If not, you can always revisit the glory days whenever you want. Nothing is going behind a paywall. You are welcome.

    • Glenn   On   July 25, 2017 at 9:15 am

      You know what Peter, this comment has been bugging me all day. I wish I could say that it didn’t, but it does. So here it comes….
      First of all, you are entitled to your opinion. #duh! Thankfully, there are still listeners out there who appreciate what we are doing enough to show that appreciation by joining our Patreon page. I am pretty sure they are more than satisfied with what they are getting in return. Once they aren’t, they will stop supporting us. Easy peasy.
      This is not professional sports. It is an amateur podcast. We are not asking or expecting to be paid for past performances. If we were putting our back catalogue behind a paywall, or requiring people to join Patreon to hear future episodes, then you would have a point. But we aren’t. So you don’t. That was just a stupid and insulting analogy.
      We are not outsourcing creative output any more with Zach and his friends than we did with listener essays in the past. And this has been TWO EPISODES — yet you say we are outsourcing “all” of our creative output. What kind of dumbass observation skills…. (Serenity now…. sigh)
      Our release schedule has not been inconsistent. What are you even talking about? We continue to post at least one episode per week. I personally put a lot of effort into ensuring that. So a swing and a miss again.
      Every single episode we have ever done is nothing more than one or two or more guys/gals talking about stuff we are interested in. Sometimes that involves movies or TV shows or video games, but always with discussion that ties back to our Mormon roots, and that Infants on Game of Thrones episode was no different.
      Are we past our prime? Maybe. Are we less passionate than before? Not really. I wouldn’t call Matt’s take on our Bill Reel discussion “less passionate” than anything Matt has done in the past. Does it take a psychological and emotional toll doing this week after week for five years? You bet your miserably grumpy ass it does. Thus the push to Patreon. That has reenergized us for sure — me especially. Knowing that there is a core group out there who really want to support us and keep us around has made a huge difference in my personal passion for this podcast. So once again, suck it.
      Comments like yours, however, that interpret us in the worst possible light are super irritating and discouraging, even though I know that they shouldn’t be. But the TBM Whisperer inside of me who wants to see the best in everyone despite their obvious crustiness keeps scratching his head and wondering, “what kind of person takes the time out of his day to write something as demonstrably inaccurate and unflattering to people he acknowledges have voluntarily given him hours and hours of entertainment while asking him for nothing in return?” You don’t come out of that smelling like Derrick Rose. You come off like an ass.
      So in the future, kindly use the comment space on our website to comment on the content of the episodes in question. I’m sure that Zach and his friends would much rather hear from people who appreciate their contribution to Infants on Thrones rather than being thread-jacked by whiny complainers who can’t get their facts straight. I know that I would.

      • Peter North Salt Lake   On   July 25, 2017 at 5:24 pm

        I don’t think I communicated well, because what I wanted you to know was
        1 ) IoT is one of the best podcasts of all time.
        2) I think you guys deserve to have made a ton of money of the pod. If John Dehlin makes $100k a year, you guys deserve ten times that.
        3) I just think its bad timing in terms of when monetization occurred for you guys. Whether that was your choice, or just when the podcasting world developed payment systems, i dont know.
        4) I will continue to support the pod financially.
        But I don’t think it’s crazy to say that IoT used to put out consistent strong *mormonism based* podcasts, and has strayed from those core attributes.
        5) I don’t believe that is the fault of IoT, it is just the nature of doing Mormon based entertainment. There are only so many topics to cover before you run out.

      • Glenn   On   July 25, 2017 at 6:16 pm

        Thanks Peter. Buds.
        FWIW, if you haven’t heard it already, the interview Heather did of Andrew Evans with Jake and Randy is right up there with the “best of all time” Infants episodes. It’s available on Patreon right now and will be published here on Sunday (July 30). So don’t write us off just yet.

      • CocoaCoveredHeretic   On   July 25, 2017 at 8:52 pm

        Hey, there are always going to be haters Glenn. But even if Peter has moved on to other interest, I still look forward with glee to finding a new IoT podcast waiting for me in my queue. And I enjoy them so much that I usually stop whatever I’m doing to listen as soon as I discover it. I have actually stopped myself from posting comments in the past because I figure people would be able to tell how obsessed I am with the podcast by how quickly I comment on an episode that was just released. Gotta play it cool you know! Can’t let people know that I’m basically a IoT groupie. If you guys toured I’d be the one waiting outside your dressing room for hours at a time just to catch a glimpse!
        Anyway, I only make this admission to say that I still love your podcast to an unreasonable amount. You guys help me stay sane, and keep the bullshit in perspective. As much as I enjoyed the early stuff you guys did, (and I enjoyed it a lot) I think I personally have found more thought provoking and valuable content in the past year than I got from any of the early stuff. I feel like I’ve been able to keep my relationships with my family in a healthier place, and I’ve found more clarity in processing my transition because of the content that you’ve put out recently.
        So thank you for not giving up when things got tedious for you. And I hope that you know that Peter’s comments are about 180 degrees from my experience with the podcast.
        Keep up the good work! And thanks for all of the hard work!

      • Zach in Cedar   On   July 26, 2017 at 4:31 am

        I am thrilled that IOT has given me a chance to join in the conversation and not just be a passive listener. One of the reasons that I wanted to join the conversation was the fact that I am recently transitioning away from Mormonism and it has been extremely helpful for me to discuss my frustration with my friends. I hope that the contributions that we have made have been useful and I think that the conversations we have had with IOT have been great.
        To be honest I am not too concerned with the comments, and the reason we submitted our recording was to try to join the conversation, and hoped others would too. The recent episodes have been interesting to me, but I am biased. Do I like older episodes as well, and potentially more? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t add meaningful contributions to IOT.

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