Ep 67 – The The Lacuna Brotherhood

Written by on April 13, 2014

Tom and Bob interview Ben Fellows from the band The Lacuna Brotherhood. We talk about Ben’s disaffection from Mormonism, his obsession with Wikipedia and eventually get around to his love of music and sample some of the songs on the album Aftermath.
Band Website: http://lacunabrotherhood.com/
Aftermath on iTunes:
Aftermath on Amazon:

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  1. sd   On   April 14, 2014 at 1:40 am

    Count me as a new fan of The Lacuna Brotherhood. I have to admit I am especially drawn to Solitary Man and Not My Enemy. Ben, I was quite intrigued by your creative process, thanks for sharing.
    This is probably just stating the obvious, but I am beginning to think the best episodes include Bob or Tom. Great job!

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