Do you want to start an audio or video podcast for your growing business, but you don’t know where to start? Do you need recommendations on equipment or software to create a great-sounding podcast to share your personal interests and hobbies with the world? Are you looking for someone with 10+ years of podcasting experience to brainstorm or storyboard your project with you? Ear Candy Productions will provide pre-recording consultation on any podcasting questions and can also provide coaching and directing either before, during, or after your recording.

Advanced Audio/Video Editing

  • “Pop Culture” sound drops to tickle the brain of your audience
  • Background Music to create the right mood for your audience
  • Strategic use of Reverb, Echo, L-R Balance, and other sound enhancements to create a more polished, professional feel
  • Create distinct audio Intros and Outros to “book end” your show

Basic Audio/Video Editing

  • Remove sound gaps, coughing, excessive “ums and ahs” etc
  • Sound optimization and volume balancing
  • Remove specific content from raw recording as directed
  • Add Intro, Outros, commercials, other content (as provided)
  • Add ID3 Tagging and Album Art (as provided)
  • Render high quality MP3 delivered to you for publishing
  • Speedy turn-around

Audience Engagement

  • Listener Surveys
  • Listener email list
  • Create and manage listener-generated content (i.e. Intros, Outros, “Call-in” questions, etc)
  • Custom monthly download reports

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