Ep 510 – Missionary Dream Log, P3

Written by on August 3, 2018

Glenn reads two more entries from his 1991 Mormon Missionary dream log, and also responds to an excellent listener comment providing Jungian analysis to a dream from part 2 of this series.  When is a phallic symbol more than just a phallic symbol?  Tune in to find out.

  1. RJH3   On   August 5, 2018 at 12:58 am

    Hey Glennn, (just kidding)
    Thanks for the shoutout! Like I mentioned before, I’ve been on this analysis/dream-interpretation kick lately, so this is fun for me. First, I have a few thoughts on the general comments you made at the end of this Episode. I also had a couple ideas about the new stuff you read from your dream log.
    Disclaimer: I am a complete amateur/enthusiast on this topic. Also, I’m more familiar with Jung than others in the Depth Psychology genre (such as Freud) but I don’t think the differences are huge.
    As I understand it, the Jungian concept of the ‘subconscious’ is a lot like the way you sketched it out, Glenn: that is — the subconscious is psychological content that our conscious minds are unable to handle or conceive (consciously); the stuff you’ve accumulated, biologically and by experience and have forgotten, etc.
    There are some additional nuances, however, that are worth learning about, for one, because they help make sense of the images and symbols that appear in dreams and fantasies. Also, theoretically, there are important psychological benefits that can happen when a person works to consciously *integrate* elements from the subconscious — important insights such as, “don’t squash your snake, you’re going to need that. BTW, why don’t you please make friends with it, too… just trust me.”
    There’s one important nuance, or distinction to make about the subconscious that’s pretty key… In your subconscious lays all the stuff your whole mind *knows* about your “whole self”, which are thinks your conscious ego, for important reasons, cannot know about itself and continue to be a functioning human, without shattering the ego. And the conscious ego puts up a lot of mechanisms to protect itself (with some more than others). Basically, all the shit pertaining to your *being* that would totally destabilize your psyche if you understood in an unfiltered way, the whole ugly, naked truth.
    So our subconscious holds all the stuff our conscious minds can’t take. This is what Jung called our “shadow”. Effectively, many of the images and symbols in our dreams are subconscious representations of that shadow reality. For example, that red headed angel you described in this ep. is likely not a representation of something objective or outside yourself, but instead, subjective, a shadow representation of some quality within yourself that you find difficult to face or have rejected, and yet, remains a “true” aspect of your whole, unvarnished, self, warts and all.
    It would be difficult for me to say what that is since there are probably a host of subtle personal associations that you have packed into that particular image, which only you know… But I can, however, point to common dream archetypes that are connected to good and bad angels. Together with your personal associations (and preferably the help of a good analyst), you might start to see certain patterns and receive “inspiration” about what that means to you, in the moment, and how to go about integrating the subconscious input into your conscious awareness.
    So, here’s another interesting way of looking at your dreams: when you had that dream about the snake and dog and horse, etc.— that was your subconscious mind “thinking about” and interpreting the state of your conscious reality… that’s what your waking life “looks like” to your subconscious mind (when you’re asleep and your conscious processes are dormant).
    Now, talking about your memory of that dream, is your conscious mind reflecting on the natural product of your subconscious mind, which is inherently nonsensical to the conscious mind. The problem is, our conscious ego often actively resists the notion that the subconscious *knows* things that the conscious mind does not know, because that is a scary and potentially destabilizing prospect to the ego.
    So, in a lot of ways, when you say this dream stuff is sort of “woo woo” — that is a natural reaction on the part of our ego because that’s how it seems to our conscious mind. All the same, according to Depth Psychology, learning to understand and consciously integrate that woo-woo into our understanding we are able to become more fully “self-aware”.
    Anyway, sorry this is so long…
    I’ll stop here and add some thoughts more specifically about your dream stuff in the next day or two
    P.S. Yeah, I’m a dude.

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