Ep 507 – Missionary Dream Log, P2

Written by on July 27, 2018

Glenn reads more entires from the missionary dream log that he kept as a Mormon Missionary from 1991-1993.

  1. RJH3   On   July 27, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    Hey Glen, I happen to see this podcast and felt drawn to give it a listen. I’ve been studying a lot of depth psychology lately, and am currently participating in psychoanalysis with a Jungian trained therapist, which involves some dream analysis. Anyway, it’s just a topic of interest for me lately…
    So, a couple thoughts: The ‘phallic’ skin shedding and the snake on top of the car definitely seem like important archetypal elements. Skin shedding and snakes (because they shed their skin) are common symbols connected to periods of transformation. Phallic symbols are not only sexual but also having to do with one’s own *creative* power, in general. That there is this snake incident as you entered the garage door (a threshold) is also a symbol of transformation.
    It’s interesting that you described the state of high anxiety about the snake after it falls off the hood of the car: just after a snake sheds its skin it is in a very vulnerable state so will appear agitated and reactionary (this is a common dream motif btw)… as a dream symbol it is thought to be the subconscious mind warning of the importance and dangers that surround times of transition.
    “Your father” at this point seems likely to be a subconscious representation of *you* and not your actual father, but instead, the archetypal father. The way he acts seems positive, in a psychological sense. He stops you from acting rashly (in stopping you from killing the snake)… he shows you how this situation is positive: see it’s a nice dog. The dog is often connected to our more sensual animal nature. Your subconscious here seems to be encouraging you to “make friends” with all sides of yourself, including your more physical instincts (and not demonize them)… this is a positive impulse, which also seems to be confirmed by the sudden appearance of a “magical horse”. Magic horses are super archetypal, generally representing more healthy instincts of the *whole self* (opposed to the unbalanced or split psyche). Your subconscious, in the form of the magic horse, seems to be encouraging you toward psychological wholeness, instead of your previous negative state… that your subconscious is telling you these things is an encouragement to take advantage of this period of transformation.
    Anywho, just some thoughts. (Haven’t listened to the whole ep yet, btw)

    • Glenn   On   July 28, 2018 at 10:34 pm

      RJ for the win!!! Best comment ever in the history of IOT. I will be reading this one into my next episode. Thank you so much for taking the time to share that. I loved it.

      • RJH3   On   July 31, 2018 at 10:21 am

        Hey Glenn, I happened across this article today and it made me think of your dream and some of my comments above. This part seems pretty apt in this context. Enjoy 🙂
        “Marie Louise Von Franz, one of Carl Jung’s most famous students, once said that when you have Jesus and a dog in your dream, follow the dog (she was saying that the symbol of a dog is almost always a reliable one, representing loyalty, love, friendship, and instinct.”

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