Ep 188 – Church House Rock: Randy's Figure 8

Written by on June 24, 2015

Randy shares a semi-fictional experience from his youth.

  1. Don   On   June 24, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    I did it when less than ten, I did it when less than 20 yrs old and once on a mission too. I even did it as a bishop, oh my. I guess I’m going to hell with a smile on my face 😇

  2. Taylor   On   June 24, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    I wrote one (which isnt very good but it was written kind of fast) to the rhythm of “Unpack Your Adjectives”! Here it is!
    Went online to check some things
    Questions made me disagree
    With the church which is when
    I wanted answers then
    To know for sure if, the church was still true
    I was frustrated at first
    But information got worse
    The book of abraham
    Turned out to be a sham
    But on FAIRmormon, i got an excuse!
    Got pre-packaged apologies
    Apologies are handy things that help you cover things
    Regardless of how stupid they are
    Was it horus or abraham
    Was it devine or by man?
    Apologies will show you the way!
    Apologies are never solid, never mean a thing
    The questions you have only get worse
    Piles of doubts get taller, all my faith got smaller
    Until one was the tallest and one was the smallest of all!
    I kept on with my faith search
    Learned hidden stuff from the church
    14 year olds with men, facimiles for the dead
    The list of problems, would never disperse
    Wow! Look at all this ugly truth!
    Now what makes me really tick
    Is stuff made by joseph smith
    I wanted to believe
    But its just not easy
    Forget apologies for the theology!
    So ignore the apologies!
    Roll your eyes at apologies!
    Use the truth not apologies!
    Dont excuse with apologies!
    I cut out the part about the “ish”s and “ary” but i think it might have some potential! I think its pretty good if you ignore the punctuation errors!

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